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A History of over 40 Years...

Fred & Jeff
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Premier Brass founder, Fred Boyajian, began as many start-ups do by stocking inventory in a garage in 1979.   Over the years Fred’s company grew and moved into bigger and bigger facilities, until finally securing a 30,000 square foot warehouse in Midtown Atlanta.

As the 80’s and 90’s progressed, his business morphed from a supplier of brass tubing components to a local custom fab house.  Eventually, by placing ads in the Yellow Pages (pre-internet) in major markets, his company built a reputation nationwide as a source for brass tubing and components for designers and contractors.

As sneeze guards became required by code in many municipalities, Fred seized the opportunity to use the brass components he had been utilizing for other products to fabricate and market sneeze guards to the food service equipment industry.  Premier Brass had a broad customer base including designers, contractors and restaurant equipment dealers.

Through the first decade of the new millennium, the management team at Premier sharpened the company’s focus on the food equipment industry. By taking care of customers and partnering with some of the most reputable food service manufacturer’s agents in the rep community, Premier had become a trusted custom food shield manufacturer for restaurant equipment dealers and food service consultants. 

In 2015, as Fred moved to retirement age, the management group at Premier put together a new entity to purchase Premier’s assets.


The new entity, PMG VENTURES, INC, now has the opportunity to continue to build upon the solid reputation which has been several decades in the works.

We owe Fred a great deal of gratitude for laying the solid foundation for our future growth. We accept Fred’s challenge to uphold his vision for providing quality, service, and value to our customers by doing business the old-fashioned way...

"You take care of the customer and they will take care of you."

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